Does your website need a quick fix?

Is something part broken? Modify existing website?

Quick Fix / repair website

Website broken due to major or minor defect? I repair websites with Quick Fix. We look at the problem and agree on a price. Normally at an hourly rate. So no surprises or annoying discussions. Clarity for both parties!

Quick Fix, fixed price

For websites with a lot of misery and a lot of hours of work, I deviate from my hourly rate and we agree on a fixed rate in advance, otherwise the repair will cost more than having a new website built.

*Is your website not built by me? No worries, you can still request a Quick Fix!


Website Repair: Most common Quick Fixes


You name it and I can fix it. Some examples that often occur:

Contact formulier stuk?


Contact forms that do not send emails, generate spam or have to be forwarded to another e-mail address.


WordPress theme veranderen?

Change WordPress theme

A new WordPress theme that is more modern or adapts itself better on mobile devices.

Is jouw website gehackt?


Removing the hack and going through the website to close the back door to hackers. Change existing passwords, check usernames and passwords and then “truly” secure the website.

Word je niet goed gevonden in Google?

SEO (= being found on Google)

Install SEO plug-in, enter SEO meta data per page title and description, enter meta text images, activate SSL (green lock), register website at Google Search Console, register the sitemap, build in Google Analytics and link it to your account, compress images for speed and build in a website accelerator.

Website verhuizen naar andere provider?

Moving domains

Move website, move email addresses including all emails, move domain name internally or to another provider.

Nieuwe pagina? Of een pagina aanpassen?


Create new pages and organize them with texts and photos supplied by you. I use animations, shadows, overlays, parallax, etc. This makes the pages look like any other professionally designed website. Also consider placing the new pages in the navigation menu.

Can we fix it? Yes, we can!

Is your problem not listed here? No problem, I have a high resolving power. Contact me and explain your problem. A link to the website or a screenshot often helps to clarify problems.

Inquire about the possibilities to repair your website
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Are the problems / broken parts visible on the outside of the website?
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bij Funky Monkee websites

Wanneer je altijd websites voor anderen bouwt, dan is het erg leuk om vrij spel te hebben met jouw eigen website.

De opdracht aan mijzelf was een website die creativiteit toont, in lettertype, afbeeldingen en manier van informatie weergeven. Een snel uiterlijk, maar wel met eerlijke inhoud. De teksten van deze website heb ik geschreven in gewone spreektaal.

Voor de gebruikte groen-roze kleurencombinatie door de gehele website, ben ik geïnspireerd door de kleuren van het logo van een band, die ik op dat moment aan het luisteren was. De groen-roze kleuren combinatie vind ik erg passen bij de gebruikte afbeeldingen in Pop Art stijl.

About this website

I would like to explain my design choices of this website.

When you are always building websites for others, it is very nice to have free rein with your own website.

So my assignment to myself was a website that shows creativity, in font, images and way of displaying information. A fast appearance, but with honest content. I have written the texts of this website in a form of address.

For the green-pink color combination, I was inspired by the colors of the band's logo, which I was listening to at the time. I think the color combination green-pink fits very well with the used images in pop art style.