Want a website that’s always up-to-date?

A backup every day? Need someone to solve every (future) problem?


In order to put your website online, in addition to good web hosting, you also need to ensure that your plug-ins are regularly provided with new updates. Funkee Monkee’s maintenance contract meets this need. Maintenance and hosting for only € 10 per month!

This maintenance subscription costs € 10 per month and includes:

Hosting & Support

Admittedly, with most hosting companies you may pay a little less, but with serious defects it often happens that you receive instructions on how to fix it yourself. In that case you should be able to do that.

Funky Monkee takes care of everything. I apply all updates (average of 5 per month). I also make daily backups and ensure that your site runs on super fast and monitored servers. In case of serious problems, I take action. I fix the problem and make sure you are online again.


Maintenance & back-ups

Every website consists of parts that do something. This can be a contact form, website security or, for example, a slide slider.

These parts are called plug-ins. They are regularly provided with new updates. This makes them faster, more secure or improved in some other way.

If you log in rarely and do not apply these updates, you run the risk that your website will become too slow. Outdated plug-ins are also an entrance to your website for hackers. Simple websites, in particular, consider hackers to be excellent training material. That is why you need to keep your website up-to-date and secure.

Unfortunately, when the updates are applied, it often happens that plugins conflict with other plugins. There are about 50,000 WordPress plugins at the time of writing, so this happens quite often. When you apply an update that unfortunately breaks the entire website, you have to roll it back. Unfortunately, there is no button that reverses an update in WordPress, so this must be resolved manually.

With a maintenance subscription I take care of all updates and backups. I check your website every day and make backups a.d.h.v. how often you adjust the texts, photos, products of your website. We agree on this together in advance. If I apply an update that breaks the website, I will ensure that your website is back online in its full glory in no time. So you don’t have to bother with the boring, technical part of your website at all.

Costs for Maintenance subscription

You pay € 120 (excluding VAT) annually for this combination of hosting and maintenance. When canceling this maintenance subscription, you must take into account a 1-month notice period. You will of course receive the remainder of the year neatly refunded to your account.



bij Funky Monkee websites

Wanneer je altijd websites voor anderen bouwt, dan is het erg leuk om vrij spel te hebben met jouw eigen website.

De opdracht aan mijzelf was een website die creativiteit toont, in lettertype, afbeeldingen en manier van informatie weergeven. Een snel uiterlijk, maar wel met eerlijke inhoud. De teksten van deze website heb ik geschreven in gewone spreektaal.

Voor de gebruikte groen-roze kleurencombinatie door de gehele website, ben ik geïnspireerd door de kleuren van het logo van een band, die ik op dat moment aan het luisteren was. De groen-roze kleuren combinatie vind ik erg passen bij de gebruikte afbeeldingen in Pop Art stijl.

About this website

I would like to explain my design choices of this website.

When you are always building websites for others, it is very nice to have free rein with your own website.

So my assignment to myself was a website that shows creativity, in font, images and way of displaying information. A fast appearance, but with honest content. I have written the texts of this website in a form of address.

For the green-pink color combination, I was inspired by the colors of the band's logo, which I was listening to at the time. I think the color combination green-pink fits very well with the used images in pop art style.