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Welcome to Funky Monkee websites, the address for building, repairing, maintaining and inspecting WordPress websites for five years now.

Consider this website my business card and look at it on another device with a different screen size. You will see that this website looks good in any format.

If you go from page to page, you are there within 3 seconds ! Standard for every new WordPress website, built in combination with the Divi Builder from Elegant Themes.

These are the services that Funky Monkee provides:

New website (or webshop)

Having a website made by Funky Monkee means that we start by discussing the purpose and functions of the perfect website for your company…..

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Quick Fix / repair website

Website broken due to major or minor defect? I repair websites with Quick Fix. We look at the problem and agree on a price ……

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In order to put your website online, in addition to good web hosting, you also need to ensure that your plug-ins are regularly provided with new updates. Funky Monkee’s maintenance subscription… ..

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Website checkup

Does your website not meet expectations? With my website review your website will be subjected to a thorough inspection and analysis … ..

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Funky Monkee is
Arthur Wilson a web designer a thinker a doer a one man band a listener a solver creative a bit nerdy very honest

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bij Funky Monkee websites

Wanneer je altijd websites voor anderen bouwt, dan is het erg leuk om vrij spel te hebben met jouw eigen website.

De opdracht aan mijzelf was een website die creativiteit toont, in lettertype, afbeeldingen en manier van informatie weergeven. Een snel uiterlijk, maar wel met eerlijke inhoud. De teksten van deze website heb ik geschreven in gewone spreektaal.

Voor de gebruikte groen-roze kleurencombinatie door de gehele website, ben ik geïnspireerd door de kleuren van het logo van een band, die ik op dat moment aan het luisteren was. De groen-roze kleuren combinatie vind ik erg passen bij de gebruikte afbeeldingen in Pop Art stijl.

About this website

I would like to explain my design choices of this website.

When you are always building websites for others, it is very nice to have free rein with your own website.

So my assignment to myself was a website that shows creativity, in font, images and way of displaying information. A fast appearance, but with honest content. I have written the texts of this website in a form of address.

For the green-pink color combination, I was inspired by the colors of the band's logo, which I was listening to at the time. I think the color combination green-pink fits very well with the used images in pop art style.